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Article: Top 25 Dates for Every Day Until Christmas

Top 25 Dates for Every Day Until Christmas

Top 25 Dates for Every Day Until Christmas


Top 25 Dates for Every Day Until Christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of year. Christmas isn’t just about getting together with family; it also happens to be the most romantic season. Nothing says romance like kissing under the mistletoe and keeping warm by the fire. Cuffing season is upon us, and if you need something to do besides staying inside all winter, we’ve got you covered.

 There are so many couple Christmas things to do, you’ll find it hard to keep up. So, pull out your list and make sure you’re checking it twice. Here are 25 Christmas date ideas for all 25 days of December.

1. Go Ice-Skating

Ice skating is one of those romantic Christmas activities you can’t pass up. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to hold your partner’s hands and keep them close, all under the guise of keeping your balance of course.


Couples date ideas

2. Watch Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are a must-have Christmas tradition. Make the night extra special by building a blanket fort and buying matching PJs. Keep it classic with Elf or The Santa Clause, or kick up the romance with a Hallmark marathon.  


 3. Build a Gingerbread House

Turn on some Christmas tunes, and spend the night in by decorating gingerbread houses. Challenge your partner to a competition, or work together to build an entire village. Whether you buy a premade kit or bake the materials yourself, it’s bound to be a pretty sweet evening.  


4. Visit a Tree Farm

Sure you can just pick up a synthetic tree from the closest store, but where’s the fun in that? Visiting a tree farm combines the smell of fresh pine, crisp winter air, and a relaxing walk with your partner for a great start to the Christmas season. Plus, you get to take it home and decorate it after.  


5. Look at Christmas Lights

Your Xmas date doesn’t have to cost money. Even just getting in the car and driving around the neighborhood to see the elaborate Christmas light set-ups can make for a magical evening.


6. Have a Shopping Date 

A shopping date kills two birds with one stone—date night and gift buying. Make a list of prompts with your partner (things like ‘favorite color’ or ‘reminds me of you’), pick a store, and separate. Reconvene in the evening and share what you bought for one another.

 7. Play in the Snow

If it’s snowing, get out in it. Keep the frigid winter months loose and fun by building snowmen or having a snowball fight. Cuddle up and defrost by the fire afterward.

8. Have a Baking Date

Christmas is all about sweets. Spend the day in the kitchen with your partner baking for neighbors, friends and family, or just yourselves. Break out the icing and sprinkles, and decorate them when you’re done.


9. Visit a Christmas Market

Christmas markets pop up everywhere this time of year, and they’re essential to add to your ‘romantic holiday date ideas’ list. Go see the lights, browse the stalls, and bask in the true essence of Christmas.

 10. Go on a Romantic Sleigh Ride

Sleigh rides are romantic and for good reason. You get to spend the ride huddled next to your partner for warmth while living a scene straight out of a Hallmark film. Plus, the scenery is always top-notch.

 11. Go sledding

Keep your date fun and casual by finding a freshly snowed-on hill and throwing yourself down it. Use whatever you’ve got in the house that’ll slide and you’ve got a cheap, easy winter date that’s bound to get you laughing.


12. Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a rite of passage. Pick up materials from craft stores and thrift shops and make your very own for an entertaining night in.

13. DIY Advent Calendar

A fun way to gift-give is by making an advent calendar with small trinkets for your partner. This way, every morning you get to keep the romance alive and express your love with a new treat.

14. Fill Up Stockings

Stockings are a fun way to buy those small gifts that you know your partner will love. Fill up with candies and gag gifts and hang ‘em on the mantle with care.

 15. Go Café Hopping

The best part about the holidays? The exclusive drink flavors. Go café hopping with your partner to try out all the new holiday flavors before they’re off the shelves until next year.


 16.Go Christmas Caroling

Do people Christmas carol anymore? Keep the tradition alive by dragging your partner along. Nothing like singing a duet of Baby, It’s Cold Outside to turn up the heat.


17. Visit a Christmas Parade

Get into the holiday spirit by visiting your local Christmas parade. No effort, no cost, and you get to see Santa. Win-win.


18. Go to the Theatre

There’s always a Christmas play during the holidays. Support your local theater's rendition of “The Nutcracker” or score tickets to Disney on Ice.

 19. Rent Out a Winter Cabin

If you live in a warm climate or just need a romantic winter getaway, rent a cabin in the mountains for guaranteed snow and a lot of alone time.



 20. Go Out for a Nice Dinner

Keep it simple but classy with a nice wine and dine. It’s the holidays; you deserve a splurge.  

 21. Watch the Snow Fall

If you’re running out of fun winter date ideas, you can’t go wrong with just watching the snowfall. Take a walk through a nearby trail or around the neighborhood to witness nature’s most beautiful creation.


 22. Hot Chocolate and Cuddle by the Fire

Dust off your fireplace or set up a fire pit in the backyard. Enjoy the atmospheric crackling of a fire while you sip a rich, homemade hot chocolate. It’s all about simple pleasures.


23. Game Night

Spend a night snowed-in with some board games. We recommend Candyland to stay on theme, or go deep and get to know your partner on a deeper level with We’re Not Really Strangers.


24. Go Hiking

Hiking isn’t just for the warmer months, and the views are just as beautiful and rewarding. Plus, the trails are likely to be emptier, leaving more alone time for you and your partner.


 25. Visit Canada

If you need a winter getaway, consider visiting our sister country. No one does winter like Canada. Witness the northern lights from the warmth of a hot tub or spend your trip in Quebec’s famous ice hotel.

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